Full Dog Walks

Duration: 1 Hour, Price: £14

7 Days Per Week

Times: AM & PM Walks

Full Day Care (including 2 walks): £24

Discounts Negotiable for More Than One Dog

A surcharge will apply outwith specified areas

Dogs Out Walking
Rogues & Rascals take pride in providing a high quality, hands-on, caring dog walking service. We specialise in taking small numbers of dogs so that your dog receives the attention that it deserves.

Discounts are available for additional dogs from the same household. All dogs are welcome and walks are tailored to suit the dog's needs. Dogs must be fully vaccinated.


A Typical Dog Walk...

Dog Carrier
I will collect your dog by vehicle which is fitted out for the dog's comfort and safety. Water and treats will be supplied on board the vehicle, along with towels and comfy soft covers so the dogs can have a wee snooze on the way back from running and playing.

The dogs will receive 1 FULL hour walk, this does not include travelling time, which means the dogs receive their full quota of walking time.

All dogs will be towel dried if needed before entering the Rocky Dog Walk
house and water bowls will be checked in case they need refilled. Any food requirements can be discussed and any medication administered.

Your dog will come home tired and of course totally content and happy and that's the main thing.

I will leave a small note just to let you know what your dog has been up to and where he/she has been and what dog friends thay have been playing with.

Dogs in Taxi
I take dogs all day if needed and they will be in my house with my own three dogs and they will have the full run of the house/garden the same as my own dogs. Included in this will be two walks - one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

My garden is totally enclosed for added security.

four dog pictures